Using Charles Proxy to Fix AppViz 2 Rankings

I'm still using AppViz 2, the previous version of ideaswarm's sales tracking tool for iTunes Connect. While subscription pricing makes sense for an app like this, I haven't convinced myself yet that I need the new features of version 3 enough to justify a $5/month subscription, and I'm not entirely comfortable with using a cloud-based app for tracking my sales. Frankly, I don't like its new interface design much either – it's a bit too flashy for my taste.

Anyway, with the latest update, AppViz 2's support period ended, and coincidentally, the rankings download stopped working shortly after. Turns out, AppViz uses Apple's iTunes RSS feeds for tracking rankings, and while these feeds used to include up to 300 entries per feed, they now seem limited to 200, returning an error when requesting more than that.

AppViz doesn't report that error, it just doesn't update the rankings, so I looked at what's going on with Charles, an HTTP proxy app that is really useful for looking under the hood of all kinds of things that use HTTP for networking (even iOS apps).

Charles also includes a Rewrite tool that allows you to modify any requests before they are sent to the server, so for now, I just set up a simple rewrite rule that replaces limit=300 with limit=200 in any iTunes RSS requests.

Charles Screenshot

Though it is a bit inconvenient that I need Charles running for this to work, at least I can download App Store rankings again in AppViz 2, until I figure out a better solution.