The Editorial Workflow Directory

Yesterday, I've quietly launched a new way to share Editorial workflows: The Workflow Directory. Workflow sharing has been there from the start, but uploaded workflows were always just single pages with an unlisted URL – much like Letterpress replays – you could post them on your blog, tweet or email them, but there hasn't been a good way to browse or search public workflows.

Shared workflows are still private by default. If you just upload a workflow from the app, it won't automatically get listed in the directory. For now, you can submit such an unlisted workflow to the directory from its preview page, but in the next update of Editorial, it'll also be possible to make a shared workflow public immediately, and to update workflows that you've shared previously.

As you might have guessed from the URLs of shared workflows, the site is hosted on Google App Engine, and – of course – written in Python. Even though this imposes some restrictions 1, I'm pretty happy with this choice overall. I don't really like depending on Google, but the fact that App Engine is a paid product that seems to get quite a lot of updates lately makes me optimistic that it'll stay around, and there aren't really that many alternatives that are equally easy to set up (and maintain!). The fact that Python is a first-class citizen on GAE (even though it supports a lot of other languages now) also helped. Since the app is pretty small (less than 1,000 LOC, excluding templates), it probably wouldn't be that hard to migrate it to some other platform, if the need arises.

  1. One of GAE's restrictions is that it's not possible to serve an app from a "naked" domain, which is why redirects to