SearchLink for Editorial

Brett Terpstra has just updated his popular SearchLink service to version 2.0. If you're not familiar with SearchLink, it's an OS X Service that automatically generates Markdown links from search results. It can turn things like [Markdown](!g) into [Markdown]( In this case, the first Google result is used, but there are lots of other options to search for apps, music, etc. For example, you can automatically replace [Editorial](!itu) with an iTunes URL to the app, optionally as an affiliate link.

The original SearchLink is a Ruby script, wrapped in an Automator workflow, so it can be invoked from the Services menu pretty much anywhere on OS X. I thought that it would be really nice to have this functionality on iOS as well, so I ported the script to Python and embedded it in an Editorial workflow:

→ Editorial Workflow: SearchLink

I translated the original script pretty much line-by-line, so the feature set should be identical, but I'm definitely not a Ruby expert, so it's quite possible that I overlooked some details. Let me know if you find any bugs.