Editorial Review Roundup

So, my new app is finally available on the App Store. If you haven't yet heard about it, it's a Markdown editor for the iPad with some pretty unique automation features and Python scripting support.

Sounds good? Here are some promo codes. Be quick!

Update: All the codes have been redeemed.

All gone? Don't worry, the app is just $4.99. If you're not convinced yet, here are some reviews that say nice things about it. ;)

The Verge: Editorial for iPad is the new text editor to beat (Jeff Blagdon)

I would call Editorial a laboratory for carving up and reassembling text in the fastest, most flexible, most natural way possible. The comparisons to desktop text editors like Sublime Text are obvious, but Editorial succeeds where Sublime doesn’t; it makes automation simple enough that non-programmers can do it.

If you don't have a lot of time, but want to know what the app is all about, this is a good place to start. The reviews below are both quite a bit longer.

Macdrifter: Editorial for iPad: A Landmark in iOS Text Editors (Gabe Weatherhead)

Expect many more workflows in the future. Editorial is my favorite iPad tool and changed the way I use my iPad. Becasue, the great thing about Editorial is that it's a solid workhorse for text editing when I need to get stuff done, but it's also a fun toy when I just want to fiddle with making something interesting.

The review includes some very nice tutorial videos and a detailed look at the snippet system. Gabe has been one of my earliest beta testers, so he knows the app very well.

MacStories: Reinventing iOS Automation: Editorial Review (Federico Viticci)

This is something that’s never been done on iOS before, and it shows how Editorial isn’t afraid of treating the iPad more like the Mac. I would go as far as saying that there’s no third-party text editor for OS X that can do what Editorial is capable of as easily and clearly.

Bring some time to read this – printed out, it would be over 50 pages long! It contains tons of very nice workflows that you can download, so you might want to revisit it after you've downloaded the app.

Federico has also been a beta tester from the start, and he's provided lots of very helpful feedback during that time.

A few other articles/reviews worth mentioning: